High Speed Rail 8 Foot High Walls

High Speed Rail 8 Foot High Walls

High Speed Rail 8 Foot High Walls Has Numerous Benefits

Victor P Taffa

High Speed Rail (HSR Aka Japan’s Bullet Train) Corridors will have walls of 8 ft high on either side of the corridor.

Reasons for this include:

  • Protects People in a Derailment
  • Eliminates dangerous level crossings
  • Approximately 70 collisions at level crossings per year in Australia*
  • Roads go over 8 ft walls
  • Eliminate all support structures for Overhead Wiring and Signalling
  • Span Wiring/Beam to support Overhead Wiring and Tensioned from side walls
  • Span Wiring/Beam to support Overhead Signalling above Trains
  • Drainage for Farmers alongside HSR Corridor walls
  • Fire Breaks in National Parks
  • Flooding Protection for Farmers
  • Safety
  • Speed Of Trains
  • Stops cattle from wandering onto Tracks
  • Provide farmers with natural boundaries that save farmers on fence maintenance costs
  • Farmers currently have higher fence maintenance costs than farmers in New Zealand or the U.K.
  • Clear panels at various points and sliding panels for Emergency Service, Rail, Fire and Police vehicle access
  • Clear panels will be heat resistant from bush fires and vandal proof from scratching and graffiti paint
  • HSR Tracks will have Sets of Points and Cross-Over Tracks located at strategically required positions.
  • HSR services will be tendered out to provide the most value for the travelling public.

* Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q)

Span Wiring above Tram Tracks similar for HSR that would be tensioned to 8 Foot Walls with Cross-Over Tracks in Foreground










Reserving Rail Corridors To Let Weeds Grow

When any Government announces a desire to reserve a corridor for a Railway Line one must only cringe.

Reserved corridor for a Northern Beaches Railway was sold off in the 1960’s by the Askin Government.

For many decades an F6 corridor past Loftus has been reserved. Former Minister for Roads Carl Scully announced that it would be used for Public Transport.

County Road through Eastwood and Marsfield has been reserved for many decades for a 6 Lane Highway.

This reserved corridor will be a major section of the Parramatta-North Ryde Light Rail (Low Floor Trams) as delivered by Editor Victor P Taffa with the Berejiklian Government.

Reserving corridors for High Speed Rail “At a modest investment” is a waste of money and time.

For all those people who bags Editor Victor P Taffa out about every syllable that he says should get out of the way so he can deliver Parramatta-North Ryde Light Rail.

For those people who wants Editor Victor P Taffa to deliver Capital City-Capital City High Speed Rail (Aka Japan’s Bullet Train) at speeds of 500 km/h we are not going to spend billions of dollars and many lost decades reserving corridors just to watch weeds grow.