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Northern Territory Shadow Treasurer John Elferink

Henderson’s Bland-Wagon

Victor P Taffa

Labor’s campaign launch offered nothing new for Territorians nor a vision for the Territory and was little more than a desperate bid by the Chief Minister to cling to his tenuous grip on power.

Shadow Treasurer, John Elferink, said Labor’s launch was in stark contrast to the Country Liberals’ strong 5-point plan, bold push for a 3-hub economy and commitment to cut crime by 10%.

“But what stood out for me was the Chief Minister’s sudden embrace of the Labor Party brand.” Mr. Elferink said.

“Paul Henderson won’t talk about Labor in the broader community because his polling shows him the brand is on the nose with Territorians.” Mr. Elferink said.

“But in front of a hand-picked audience of true believers, he suddenly re-discovers the Labor.”

“Acquaintances of mine who support the Labor Party are furious that Paul Henderson has put political opportunism ahead of respect and loyalty and dumped Labor from his election campaign.”

“They are also angry at his rejection of Julia Gillard despite relying on her to fund his promises and believe his disloyalty to Labor is a sign of an inherent weakness in his character.” Mr. Elferink said.

“Aside from referencing Labor for the first time in months, there was nothing new in Paul Henderson’s campaign launch.”

“His plan for a new suburban Police beat stands in strong contrast to the Country Liberals’ strong commitment of 120 new Police on the beat.” Mr. Elferink said.

“The Country Liberals announced last week we will drug test anybody arrested for assault outside a licensed premises a move copied by Labor at today’s launch.”

“His denial over the Territory’s sky-rocketing debt and million dollar a day interest repayments is a serious concern, but the Chief Minister doesn’t care because he knows ultimately it will be Territorians and not him who have to pay.” Mr. Elferink said.


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