Heritage Grants Now Available

Heritage Grants Now Available

Victoria Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Protecting Victoria’s Heritage In 2011-12

Victor P Taffa

Victoria’s Heritage Grants are open for 2011-12, Planning Minister Matthew Guy announced today.

Victoria’s Heritage Grants is a core program that provides financial assistance to custodians of heritage places and objects.

The Victorian Coalition Government provided funding certainty for this program in the Budget, after it was revealed that the previous government had failed to provide ongoing funding for Heritage Victoria.

Much of the state’s heritage is managed by volunteers and not-for-profit groups, as well as local councils. The grants program provides support for the conservation of heritage managed by community-based organisations.


The program provides funding for repair works to publicly accessible and important heritage places and objects. This will ensure these important places can continue to be used and enjoyed by all Victorians.

“I look forward to seeing various heritage places and objects throughout Victoria using this important funding to ensure our past is appreciated and protected.” Mr. Guy said.

The Victorian Coalition Government has provided funding for 2011-12 of $1 Million for programs, including the grants program.

Grants from $20,000 to $200,000 are available for repair of heritage places and grants from $5,000 to $20,000 are available for conservation of heritage objects.

The grants are provided for places in the Victorian Heritage Register or included in a Heritage Overlay. Objects must be included in the Victorian Heritage Register or be able to demonstrate a strong historical association with a place in the Register.