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Victoria Attorney-General Jill Hennessy

New Chief Magistrate Appointed

Victor P Taffa

Andrews Government has today announced the appointment of her Honour Judge Lisa Hannan as Chief Magistrate of the Magistrates Court of Victoria.

“Judge Hannan is a highly experienced, respected and capable Judge who will perform the role of Chief Magistrate with distinction.” Attorney-General Jill Hennessy said.

“I congratulate Judge Hannan on her appointment and look forward to her continued contribution to the Victorian legal system.”


Judge Hannan brings an enormous wealth of experience to the role of Chief Magistrate, having served for 8 years as a Magistrate and Coroner, and 13 years as a County Court Judge.

She has significant experience and expertise in criminal law. She served as the inaugural Head of the Criminal Division of the County Court from 2014-18 and previously worked as a barrister with expertise in criminal and family violence matters.

Judge Hannan, who joined the Victorian Bar in 1988, holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from Monash University.

She has also been a leader in her field, mentoring and supporting younger women working in the criminal law jurisdiction. She is the founding patron of the ‘Women in Crime’ network that provides mentoring, education and support to approximately 250 female criminal lawyers.

Judge Hannan will commence the role of Chief Magistrate of the Magistrates Court of Victoria on 17 November, replacing retiring Chief Magistrate Peter Lauritsen.

“I also want to thank retiring Chief Magistrate Peter Lauritsen on his profound tenure as Chief Magistrate. I look forward to marking his enormous contribution to Victoria further upon his retirement later this year.” Attorney-General Hennessy said.

Andrews Government recognises the work and contribution of Chief Magistrate Peter Lauritsen, who retires on 17 November after 7 years in the role and 30 years as a Victorian Magistrate.

Judge Lauritsen has led the Magistrates Court of Victoria with integrity and distinction. He has been a champion for judicial wellbeing and reforms to improve access to justice. Judge Lauritsen will continue to serve as a Reserve Judge of the County Court.


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