Henderson Govt Must Reject Violence In The Community

Henderson Govt Must Reject Violence In The Community

Northern Territory Shadow Attorney General John Elferink

Violence Isn’t A Solution

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Government Minister, Karl Hampton, should immediately clarify his position on traditional punishment and renounce violence of any form.

Shadow Attorney General, John Elferink, said Mr Hampton’s statements supporting traditional law and therefore traditional punishment is at odds with Labor Party policy and public expectations on the issue.

“There is no excuse for violence under any circumstances.” Mr. Elferink said.

“Mr. Hampton must immediately condemn all forms of violence and if he doesn’t, the Chief Minister must sack him.”

“Paul Henderson must take a hard line on this. He can’t on the one hand condemn violence in the general community while at the same time supporting violence on the basis of traditional law.” Mr. Elferink said.

“We have far too much violent crime in the Territory as it is without a Government Minister sanctioning further violence.”

“If we as a society believe that bashing and stabbing is a cruel and unusual punishment then we cannot take the political middle ground and say that we support both systems of law relating to punishment.” Mr. Elferink said.

“I have seen tribal punishment and its consequences. It is brutal, confronting and occasionally fatal.”

“The Country Liberals do not condone the use of such punishments and the Minister for Central Australia needs to make his position very clear or he should stand aside or be sacked.” Mr. Elferink said.