Henderson Government Silent On Housing Crisis

Henderson Government Silent On Housing Crisis

Natasha Griggs MHR For Solomon

Housing Crisis: Save Eaton

Victor P Taffa

Griggs Says Housing Crisis Worst Since Cyclone Tracy

The current housing crisis is the worst man-made event since the seat of Solomon was devastated by the natural disaster that was Cyclone Tracy, the Member for Solomon Natasha Griggs said.


“Solomon is currently experiencing the worst man-made housing crisis in its history courtesy of an incompetent Henderson Labor Government.” Mrs. Griggs said.

“Yet here we have 395 perfectly good houses owned by the Department of Defence identified as excess with around 125 that are currently sitting vacant that could ease the burden.”

“It is absolutely ridiculous that this could be allowed to happen!” Mrs. Griggs said.

Mrs. Griggs has again today raised in the Federal Parliament the issue of Eaton and the houses at the RAAF Base Winnellie and advised that a community group had now been formed to fight to save these houses and make them available to ease the housing burden.

“The LOCAL residents are now coming together in a form of community spirit that will demonstrate how important this issue is.” Mrs. Griggs said.

“This group is planning on holding a Public Meeting in the first week of December this year and I am sure the Defence Department would be well advised to listen carefully to what the residents have to say.” Mrs. Griggs said.

Cyclone Tracy killed 71 people, caused $837 Million in damage (1974 AUD) and destroyed more than 70 % of Darwin’s buildings, including 80 % of houses on Christmas Eve 1974.