Help For Those In Need

Help For Those In Need

Western Australia Minister for Disability Services Simon O’Brien

Western Australia Minister for Agriculture & Food Terry Redman

Emergency Support for People with Disability in Dry Season Affected Areas

Victor P Taffa

The State Government has provided a $50,000 Emergency Support Package for people with disabilities and their families living in areas affected by the current dry season.

Announcing the ‘Dry Season Support Initiative’, Disability Services Minister Simon O’Brien and Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman said many farming families were facing the prospect of significantly reduced incomes, while town-based families were also feeling the effects of the economic downturn in the regions due to the impact of the dry season.

“This is one of the driest years on record, and Disability Services Commission country-based staff has reported a deteriorating situation on farms in some regions and in some country towns was having an impact on people with disability and their families.” Mr. O’Brien said.



“For example, the costs met routinely by families for pharmaceuticals, transport assistance, specialised equipment, respite support and direct care could become prohibitive when farm incomes are reduced significantly.”

Mr. O’Brien warned that informal support and volunteer assistance for people with disabilities could also be affected by the reduced capacity of local people to give their time to assist.

The ‘Dry Season Support Initiative’ will operate within six of the Commission’s regions:

  • Mid-West,
  • Upper Great Southern,
  • Midlands,
  • Lower Great Southern,
  • Lower South-West
  • The Harvey Collie part of Bunbury and Districts.

Mr. Redman said the commission was working closely with other Government departments, including the Department of Water, to ensure a co-ordinated response to issues faced by people in rural communities.

“I am pleased with the cross-agency work being done to ensure the Government is doing its best to address issues faced by country people in this extended dry period.” Mr. Redman said.

The funding will be open to those individuals and families already receiving services and supports from the Disability Services Commission in those regions. Families and individuals should approach their Local Area Coordinator for further information.

Funding is available for immediate allocation through until May 2011, when the commission will review the impact of the dry season and of the support initiatives.

WA Minister for Agriculture & Food Terry Redman

WA Minister for Agriculture & Food Terry Redman