Helen Mayo House Closes In Time Of Vital Need

Helen Mayo House Closes In Time Of Vital Need

South Australia Shadow Minister for Families Vickie Chapman

New Mothers Kicked Out For Christmas

Victor P Taffa

New mothers will be on their own over Christmas as the Rann Labor Government closes Helen Mayo House, a specialist facility for new mothers and babies, between 24th December 2010 and 5th January 2011.

Helen Mayo House located at Glenside, services new mothers suffering from post natal depression and other mental illnesses occurring after child birth.

The specialist unit accommodates up to six women and their babies and is vital to the health and well being of many new families.

While some patients with private health insurance may be relocated to a private facility over the festive season the remainder will be forced to go home.

Shadow Minister for Families Vickie Chapman has criticised the Rann Labor Government’s decision and called on the Premier to immediately reverse the decision.

“It is appalling that current patients and their babies are going to be evicted on Christmas Eve.” Ms. Chapman said.

“Patients already using Helen Mayo House are set to be evicted and those that have already had the benefit of this service, and suffer a relapse over Christmas, will have nowhere to turn.”

“These babies, our newest South Australians, deserve a chance and need their mothers to be healthy and supported.” Ms. Chapman said.

“The Rann Labor Government has their priorities wrong. They are happy to waste taxpayers’ money on a $47 Million film hub but meanwhile they close 42 % of the Glenside campus and refuse to keep the Helen Mayo House open during the festive season.”

“I am calling on the Premier to immediately intervene and reverse this reckless decision and protect some of our most vulnerable new parents over Christmas.” Ms. Chapman said.