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Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Health Brett Whiteley

Real Change For Tasmanian Nurses

Victor P Taffa

Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman and Shadow Minister for Health Brett Whiteley have announced that a Liberal Government will invest in real change for nurses, with more nurses, better wages and conditions, and workplace protection.

The Tasmanian Liberals are investing an additional $6 Million today to provide an extra 55 nurses Statewide.

This adds to the more than 100 additional nurses for the LGH in the North of the State and three nurse specialist/educators for Parkinson’s disease already announced by the Liberals.

Nurses touch the lives of thousands of Tasmanians on a daily basis, from high-end critical care in Emergency Departments and ICU, to community nursing for the frail elderly in their own homes.

To ensure a quality health system in Tasmania and the retention of nurses in the profession, the Liberals will ensure nurses are supported in their training, in the workplace and through ongoing professional development.

A Hodgman Liberal Government will

  • Fund 20 additional nurse practitioners. There are currently 26 nurses with the appropriate masters qualifications waiting for recognition in their new role but no additional funded positions for them;
  • Provide 25 additional Clinical Nurse Educators to ensure ongoing education and retention of nurse graduates in the State, with preference given to employing Tasmanian nurse graduates over mainland entrants. We will also work with the University to try to incorporate more ‘practical’ components of nurse training into the current model;
  • Fund 13 nurse positions around the State in roles as Cancer Care Coordinators (10) and specialist educators for Parkinson’s disease (3);
  • Fund more than 100 new nurses at the LGH to staff Federal-funded construction projects, while ensuring timely filling of nurse vacancies, re-entry programs and participation in recruitment tool Nurse the Nation;
  • Provide an additional $200,000 p.a. for professional development, to ensure we have the specialists nurses in critical areas like ICU, neonatal and theatre. This will enable more nurses to undertake post-graduate studies, and to meet the cost of backfill for nurses to have study time each week.
  • Establish a child care centre in Stage One of the New Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment, for shift-working nurses and other hospital staff. Facilities and space will be provided on the basis that child care is flexible enough to meet the needs of shift workers and help attract and retain nurses with young families;
  • A plan for nurse workforce sustainability. With 15 nurses retiring a month and Tasmania having the oldest nursing workforce in the nation, added to increasing health demands from an ageing population, it is imperative to begin planning for future needs and a sustainable nursing workforce.
  • A commitment to better wages, safe staffing levels and protecting our nurses in their workplace with new laws for serious assault against nurses and hospital workers.


TAS Shadow Minister for Health Brett Whiteley

TAS Shadow Minister for Health Brett Whiteley








A Hodgman Liberal Government offers a smarter direction in health in this State and we need nurses beside us to deliver this.

Nurses and other health professionals are best placed to advise government on changes to systems, processes and practices that will deliver better health results for all Tasmanians and listening to our nurses is the real change a Hodgman Liberal Government fully commits to.

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