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ACT Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Hanson

Govt Warned About Dodgy ED Data Last Year

Victor P Taffa

A patient raised concerns about data doctoring at the Canberra Hospital Emergency Department last year, according to ACT Shadow Health Minister Jeremy Hanson.

Mr. Hanson said the concerns could have uncovered the scandal much earlier but fell on deaf ears.

“After apparently waiting for around eight hours in the Canberra Hospital Emergency Department without seeing a doctor, the patient’s sister came to take her home, saying she was better off ‘dying at home than at hospital’.” Mr. Hanson said.

“The patient’s sister, who is a former nurse, asked that it be noted on her sister’s record that she was leaving because she had not been seen by a doctor. The hospital staff apparently told the sister they ‘don’t record people’ who aren’t seen by a doctor.”

“Her sister later met with the Health Directorate and asked them if they were ‘fudging the data’, given this obvious breach of protocol.”

“But it seems that neither the Directorate nor Katy Gallagher was interested in following up this breach, which could have uncovered the data doctoring scandal much earlier.” Mr. Hanson said.

“The almost 12,000 doctored emergency department records aren’t just numbers; they’re real people who have suffered under a broken system.”

“Now, a single employee has been made the scapegoat for a systemic problem that comes from the top down under Katy Gallagher’s management.”

“It’s precisely why we need a Royal Commission into this scandal.” Mr. Hanson said.


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