Health Of Fremantle Residents Put First

Health Of Fremantle Residents Put First

Western Australia Acting Minister for Environment Peter Collier

Lead Shipments To Stop Through The Port Of Fremantle

Victor P Taffa

Acting Environment Minister Peter Collier has directed Magellan Metals to cease Lead Shipments through the Port of Fremantle.

Advice has been received by the Office of Environmental Protection Authority (OEPA) from Magellan Metals, indicating lead has been identified within sealed containers used to transport the product from the company’s mine near Wiluna to the Port.

According to the strict Environmental Conditions applying to Magellan Metals’ Operations, lead is required to be sealed within double-lined bags, inside sealed containers.

“The requirement is that no lead is present outside the bag, within the sealed containers, and the State’s environmental watchdog is now investigating whether this condition has been breached.” Mr. Collier said.



“The OEPA advises there is extensive monitoring of lead contamination along the transport route from the mine to the port, and to date no Magellan lead has been detected through that Monitoring Program.”

“However, given the environmental conditions concerning lead levels inside the containers may have been breached, it is in the public interest for shipments to cease.” Mr. Collier said.

The Minister will respond to the formal advice of the OEPA as soon as that is available in order for the State to determine the long-term future of lead shipments through the Port of Fremantle.