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ACT Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Hanson

Gallagher Hid Relationship With Health Official For A Week

Victor P Taffa

The scandal surrounding doctored health data at Canberra Hospital today widened after Chief Minister Katy Gallagher was forced to admit that her family has a personal relationship with the staff member who altered the data.

ACT Shadow Health Minister Jeremy Hanson said today this is information Katy Gallagher should have volunteered from day one, but instead refused, including in an official briefing yesterday.

“Katy Gallagher should have admitted this right away as it raises obvious questions about the staff member’s motives. Instead, she intentionally hid it from the public, and presumably only admitted to it after my questioning in the briefing.” Mr. Hanson said.


“This Chief Minister cannot be trusted. She covered up bullying in Canberra Hospital, was dishonest about elective surgery data, released falsified emergency department data, and now, didn’t give Canberrans the full story about the staff member who altered the data for a whole week.”

“This is about as serious as it gets and is a despicable breach of trust between Canberrans and the Chief Minister. Peddling incorrect statistics was bad enough, but Katy Gallagher has now shown she has no boundaries when it comes to hiding the full facts from Canberrans.” Mr Hanson said.

“For Andrew Barr Katy Gallagher’s subordinate to oversee the investigation makes a complete mockery of how serious this issue is.”

“The only way that any trust can been begin to be rebuilt is through a completely independent investigation which has no connection whatsoever to the government, which is clearly so closely connected to this scandal.” Mr Hanson said.


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