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Victoria Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Labor Clueless On Urban Planning

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Labor Party appear clueless and erratic on state planning policy, particularly about new VicSmart planning laws, Minister for Planning Matthew Guy said today.

“Labor is wrong in claiming that houses could be demolished under the VicSmart process. This is false.” Mr. Guy said.

“Demolition permits under the Building Act are not a part of VicSmart as they are not planning permits which are issued under the Planning and Environment Act.”

“It beggars belief that the State Opposition does not know that demolition and planning permits are regulated under different acts of Parliament.”

“In what is becoming a regular occurrence, Labor’s Brian Tee yet again has his facts wrong.”


Mr. Guy said that it appears that Labor is mistaking the Victorian Coalition Government’s VicSmart planning process which applies to small, low impact permits with Labor’s Code Assessment policy from 2006, which proposed stripping away resident rights to build multistorey towers in residential areas, predominately along every major road across Melbourne.

“Labor’s Brian Tee was an adviser to Planning Minister Rob Hulls at the time the Bracks Government proposed slashing and burning third party appeal rights through their Code Assessment model.”

Matthew Guy called on Labor to get its planning portfolio in order.

“One day Labor opposes inner city urban renewal, the next it oppose outer urban growth. One day Labor calls for greater density and height, the next it opposes high rise development.” Mr. Guy said.

“One day Labor opposes extending the urban growth boundary, the next their MPs are writing to me lobbying for its expansion.”

“Labor is all over the place on planning. The best thing they could do for Victoria is to apologise for the damage caused by Melbourne 2030. After that, it may wish to read the Planning Act.” Mr. Guy said.


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