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Victoria Opposition Leader Matthew Guy

Super Schools Announcement For Geelong Region

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An elected Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will invest $90.25 Million in schools in the Geelong region as part of our plan to build a state of cities and ease the population squeeze, Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said.

“Hot on the heels of the Liberal Nationals recent announcement of a High Speed Rail for Geelong, this mega-investment will help our schools catch-up to local population growth.

Only the Liberal Nationals have a plan to ease the squeeze on population growth.” Shadow Assistant Minister for Geelong Andrew Katos said.

A Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will spend:

  • $7 Million on upgrading Bellaire Primary School,
  • $9 Million on a redevelopment of Belmont High School,
  • $8 Million for improvements to Bellbrae Primary School.

“You need a plan for population growth otherwise education infrastructure will never catch up.” Liberal Candidate for Bellarine Brian McKiterick said.

This is on top of $34.5 Million to build a new Armstrong Creek Secondary School, completing the move of Oberon High School into the Armstrong Creek Education Precinct.

Funding also includes a feasibility study into a secondary college in Leopold to ease pressure on Bellarine Secondary and Newcomb Secondary.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will also support a partnership with Catholic and independent schools with a $400 Million fund to upgrade and build new schools across Victoria.

Our Lady Star of the Sea School in Ocean Grove

Our Lady Star of the Sea School in Ocean Grove will receive $3 Million for construction of:

  • 3 general learning areas,
  • Collaborative area,
  • Extension of the carpark
  • Multi-purpose centre,
  • Small hall space,
  • Staff workspace,
  • Storage facilities.

Iona College Geelong

Iona College Geelong will receive $6 Million for construction of:

  • Amenities,
  • Car parking to support both the College and the local community,
  • Change rooms,
  • Pavilion,
  • Sporting oval,

Lisieux Catholic Primary School in Torquay North

Lisieux Catholic Primary School in Torquay North will receive $6 Million to support to the construction of Stage 2 of the new school including general learning areas and student amenities.

St. John’s Lutheran School

St. John’s Lutheran School will receive $3 Million towards the building of a new Resource and Learning Centre.

“As a former student of St. John’s Lutheran I understand how much this funding announcement will benefit current and future students.” Liberal Candidate for Geelong Freya Fidge said.

Christian College Geelong in Waurn Ponds

Christian College Geelong in Waurn Ponds will receive $3.5 Million in support for a new maths and science centre for the Senior School.

Geelong Region Autism School

Geelong Region Autism School will be built on the present Oberon High School site with a new secondary school to be built at Armstrong Creek.

A Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will provide a new autism-specific school in Geelong by funding a $10 Million revamp of the former Oberon High School site. Despite Geelong being one of Victoria’s fastest-growing regions it doesn’t have a dedicated school for children with autism.

“An autism specific school in Geelong is long overdue and vitally needed locally.” Opposition Leader Guy said.

“If we are going to build a state of cities instead of being a city state, then it means investing in more schools, Police and healthcare in cities like Geelong.”

“That’s why this mega-investment in Geelong region’s schools is so important.” Opposition Leader Guy said.

Unplanned, unmanaged population growth is killing Geelong’s liveability. Population growth in the Geelong region is growing at a much faster rate than that of local infrastructure and key services like Police, transport, education and health.

VIC Shadow Assistant Minister for Geelong Andrew Katos








Bellaire Primary School

Liberal Nationals $7 Million investment in the Bellaire Primary School will include replacement of the South Wing as well as a gymnasium, canteen and refurbished learning spaces.

Belmont High School

An elected Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will also commit $9 Million to redevelop Belmont High School. This funding will include a new library and VCE centre. The old library building will be refurbished to become a language learning centre.

Bellbrae Primary School

An $8 Million investment will also be made by a Liberal Nationals Coalition Government to upgrade the Bellbrae Primary School. Bellbrae was originally a small rural school that has been squeezed by Torquay’s huge population growth. Bellbrae Primary School has over 500 students with many forced into portable classrooms. Of the 21 classrooms, 12 are portables.

Bellbrae Primary School also does not have a gym and uses tank water with a septic system that cannot cope with the present number of students. Under our plan, funds will be used to build 6 new classrooms, a new gymnasium, a connection to town water and an upgrade of the school oval.

“Victoria must do more to help families who have a member or members that have autism. It is now time for real, practical solutions and new state investments to help these families.”

Present school buildings date from the 1960’s and some will need to be rebuilt, but there is an oval, gym, canteen, library, and netball courts which are all in good condition. Premier Daniel Andrews Government intends to sell the existing site for development once it is vacated.

This investment in schools in the Geelong region will ease the local population squeeze and help give our children the best opportunities.

“Liberal Nationals have a plan to decentralise our jobs and our population. Premier Daniel Andrews and his Government only have an election campaign plan.” Opposition Leader Guy said.

Victoria State Election will be held on 24 November 2018.



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