Gunner Govt To Implement Core Clinical Systems Renewal Program

Gunner Govt To Implement Core Clinical Systems Renewal Program

Northern Territory Minister for Health Natasha Fyles

Massive Health ICT Project Will Deliver Jobs And Healthier Locals

Victor P Taffa

Gunner Territory Government is investing $259 Million over five-years towards a new, fully integrated health system that will transform the delivery of health care services for Territorians and create local jobs.

Minister for Health Natasha Fyles said the Core Clinical Systems Renewal Program (CCSRP) is a ground-breaking service delivery system that invests for the Territory’s future through a single digital medical record for all Territorians enabling our nurses and doctors to focus on treating patients and spend more time saving lives.


“This is the largest and most complex ICT systems project ever undertaken in the Northern Territory and is a major investment in improving our public health system and creating jobs.” Minister Fyles said.

“This project will give people confidence they are getting the service they deserve and will help keep doctors and nurses and other medicals professionals here too.”

“This Program will consolidate the Northern Territory’s public health systems into a single ICT solution and open up accessibility to allow clinicians to treat patients across the Territory, regardless of where they are located.”

“We believe that all Territorians are entitled to control over their life and access to high quality services. We also know that when our remote communities and regions are strong, the Territory is strong.” Minister Fyles said.

“Territorians will be able to access their information electronically via an online portal and manage their clinical appointments from their homes in a secure and user-friendly manner.”

“New system will also improve our ability to service remote localities and extend delivery of care via tele-medicine and digital delivery.”

This project will be rolled out through a 5-year implementation plan. An open public tender process for a commercial health systems solution is in its final stages and the successful tenderer is expected to be announced in May.

Minister Fyles said it is vital that Government invests now in this project, to save significant resources and costs in maintaining an obsolete system in future.

“We have consulted extensively with our health providers with over 600 clinicians from across the Territory providing input into the system requirements that were put to tender, so we are very confident that this will meet the needs of Territorians.” Minister Fyles said.

“We are going through a challenging economic period everyone knows this and we have been very upfront about it.”

“There are times when we must take action and keep pace with upgraded technology. If we don’t, we risk future financial and health issues.”

“We are investing for our future and ensuring critical services continue and improve delivery for better access for all Territorians.” Minister Fyles said.