Gunner Govt Recycles BDR Scanners

Gunner Govt Recycles BDR Scanners

Northern Territory Attorney-General Natasha Fyles

Scanners Ready For BDR And A New Pilot Program For Drive Thru Bottle Shops

Victor P Taffa

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Natasha Fyles has confirmed that the Territory Government owned scanners will be re-used for the Banned Drinker Register, with a pilot trial of a new mobile App solution rolled out at Territory bottle shops that have a drive thru.

Attorney-General Natasha Fyles said the equipment will be rolled out in coming months ahead of the Banned Drinker Register commencing September 1.

“A recent audit of equipment collected 138 point of sale devices and 210 scanners from different sites across the Territory. These have been tested and are ready to be used.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

“Department has had to lease another 160 point of sale devices and an extra 60 scanners to ensure all sites are ready for the roll out.”

“For the first time the Department will also trial a new mobile solution to be used at Territory drive thru bottle shops.”

“We have listened to concerns around the impacts of fixed scanners on drive thru bottle shops and we have taken action with work underway to develop a new App to be used with smart phones and devices.”

“We recognise that Territorians expect to be able to stay in their vehicles at a drive thru and new mobile technology will allow them to do that.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

“Territory Government is delivering on its election promise to Territorians by bringing back a better BDR.”

“Former CLP (Country Liberal Party) Government scrapped the register, resulting in a surge of alcohol related violence and crime.”

“Representatives from Police and the Departments of Health, Attorney-General and Justice, Corporate and Information Services, Territory Families, Housing, Treasury and the Department of Chief Minister have collaborated to deliver a better BDR.”

“We know that having the right technology is key to doing this and it’s important to get that right.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

“We have listened to the advice from our agencies and experts that point of sale devices and scanners already owned by Territory Government should be used for a September 1 roll out.”

“Our team of auditors has checked licenced stores and the bulk still have in place the cabling, cabinets and power points needed to install the BDR equipment. Work is well underway to fit out the remaining bottle shops.”

“It’s important to acknowledge the support of industry and business in helping to get this done and bring back the BDR a measure that Police have described as the best tool they had for tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.”

“Staggering rates of alcohol related crime, violence and harm costs the Territory around three quarters of a billion dollars a year.”

Attorney-General Fyles said from September 1 more than a thousand problem drinkers will be automatically included on the BDR.

“Anyone wanting to purchase takeaway alcohol in the Territory will have to show approved forms of ID, that will be scanned and problem drinkers on the BDR won’t be able to purchase takeaway alcohol.”

“Further details on the pilot of portable devices will be announced in May with training for point of sale operators starting late June.” Attorney-General Fyles said.