Gunner Govt Debates Key Bills As Promised During Election

Gunner Govt Debates Key Bills As Promised During Election

Northern Territory Attorney-General Natasha Fyles

Delivering Election Commitments For A Safer Territory

Victor P Taffa

Gunner Territory Government is delivering on its election commitments with several key pieces of legislation debated in Parliament this week.

  • Liquor Legislation Amendment Bill Introduced To Parliament
  • BDR Legislation Introduced To Parliament
  • Parole Amendment Bill Introduced To Parliament
  • Consumer Affairs Bill ‘My Fuel’ Expected To Pass Parliament
  • Child Abuse Limitations Bill Expected To Pass Parliament

Leader of Government Business Natasha Fyles said Liquor Legislation Amendment Bill will also be introduced to parliament.

“In December last year Territory Labor enacted regulation 5BA of the Liquor Regulations, restricting the shop front size of take away alcohol outlets to 400 sqm.”

“Liquor Regulation 5BA is currently the subject of a challenge by Woolworths in the Federal Court.”

“This week Territory Government will provide certainty to businesses, industry and Territorians by reaffirming the current policy in legislation.”

Minister Fyles said the Banned Drinker Register is also taking a major step forward with legislation introduced to Parliament this week.

“We promised Territorians that we would reduce the unacceptable levels of crime and violence that problem drinkers cause.” Minister Fyles said.

“Every Territorian has the right to feel safe and enjoy safe and vibrant communities.”

“Banned Drinker Register will make our community safer by stopping those problem drinkers that cause so much harm from accessing take away alcohol.”

“Draft Bill not only includes legislation to establish Banned Drinker Orders and harm minimisation strategies, but also introduces measures to repeal the Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Act and Alcohol Protection Orders Act.”

“Parliament will have the opportunity to scrutinise this legislation before it’s passed in August. The BDR will commence September 1 across the Territory.” Minister Fyles said.

“Parole Amendment Bill will also be introduced to parliament this week.”

“These legislative changes will allow for a trial COMMIT program to continue operating with Territory prisoners.”

“Borrowed from Hawaii’s successful HOPE Program COMMIT aims to reduce incarcerating and recidivism through encouraging a supported transition from prison to outside life.”

“Consumer Affairs Bill (My Fuel) is expected to pass parliament this week establishing a mandatory fuel price reporting scheme.” Minister Fyles said.

“This delivers on a key recommendation of the ACCC Report on the Darwin petrol market by empowering consumers with information on local fuel prices.”

“Under the new program fuel retailers in the Territory will be required to report the price of each fuel type offered for sale to the Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, with regulations introduced to implement standards for the information displayed on retail fuel price boards.”

“Child Abuse Limitation Bill is also expected to pass Parliament this week, removing limitation periods that applies to a claim for damages resulting from child sex abuse.”

“This was an important recommendation from the Royal Commission into the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and the amendments will operate retrospectively.” Minister Fyles said.