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Western Australia Minister for Tourism Kim Hames

Western Australia Minister for Fisheries Norman Moore

New Fishing Tourism Venture In Cervantes Reaches For The Pinnacles Of Success

Victor P Taffa

Fishing, the lifecycle of the elusive Western Rock Lobster and the State Government and Fishing Industry’s aim to sustainably Manage and Protect Western Australia’s Crayfish Stocks help make up a new tourism venture which opened today.

Tourism Minister Kim Hames and Fisheries Minister Norman Moore officially launched the Lobster Shack in the Coastal Community of Cervantes about 200 km North of Perth.

Dr. Hames said the Lobster Shack, part of the Indian Ocean Rock Lobster company, would provide a significant boost to the existing tourism attractions of the Pinnacles National Park located just 17 km from Cervantes.



“The Lobster Processing Plant provides a fascinating glimpse into the commercial side of Australia’s most valuable single-species fishery.” Dr. Hames said.

“The nearby Pinnacles National Park already attracts thousands of visitors a year. This new venture will help boost the local economy and profile of Cervantes by giving visitors to the national park another attraction to visit.” Dr. Hames said.

Mr. Moore said Lobster Shack Managing Director David Thompson who descends from three generations of crayfishers had used creativity and business acumen to overcome recent hardships faced by the rock lobster industry.

“The State Government has had to make difficult decisions recently to halve the total allowable catch of lobsters.” Mr. Moore said.

“Mr. Thompson’s innovative response to the current situation facing commercial lobster fishers is ample proof of his confidence in the future of his industry.”

WA Minister for Fisheries Norman Moore

WA Minister for Fisheries Norman Moore








Located on Cervantes’ beachfront, the Lobster Shack processing factory offers visitors the chance to experience all facets of the crayfishing industry and also helps reinforce the State’s pledge to sustainable fishing.

Guided Tours of the Refurbished Processing Plant originally built in the 1970’s educate visitors about the crayfishing industry, the capture, processing and export of WA lobster, the State’s work to maintain its internationally recognised Marine Stewardship Council accreditation and the industry’s commitment to excellence.

Dr. Hames said the Lobster Shack had potential to tap into the existing tourism market and help dramatically boost the local economy of Cervantes.

“I am told this venture could attract up to 50,000 visitors annually which could equate to a lot of peripheral spending in the town of Cervantes and also result in additional jobs in the area.” Dr. Hames said.

Mr. Moore said the venture had potential to spark the interest of overseas visitors with involvement in the Fishing Industry and give rise to new business opportunities.


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