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Western Australia Minister for Lands Brendon Grylls

WA Pastoral Lands Board Membership Finalised

Victor P Taffa

Lands Minister Brendon Grylls has appointed Bunuba Cattle Company (BCC) Director June Oscar to the Pastoral Lands Board (PLB) as a pastoral member for two years.

In announcing the new appointment, Mr. Grylls praised the work of Peter Leutenegger who is standing down after more than five years service following his appointment to the PLB in August, 2005.

The Minister said Ms Oscar came well credentialed for the job. He said BCC leases Leopold and Fairfield stations in the Kimberley, and Ms Oscar’s qualifications included community and public administration, corporate governance and management of indigenous organisations.

Mr. Grylls also announced the extension of the tenure of five existing PLB members.



The memberships of chairperson Leanne Corker (Pilbara) and Brett Crook (Goldfields) was extended for three years while Paul Baron (indigenous Pastoral Member, Gascoyne) was extended for two years and Peter Johnston (Gascoyne) and Graeme Rundle (Perth, Conservation Member) were each extended for a year.

Six of the eight PLB members are Ministerial appointments. The other two are the respective Director Generals of the Departments of Regional Development and Agriculture and Food.

The Minister aware of many who faced difficult circumstances in a number of Regions issued a reminder that individual rent relief was available to Western Australia’s Pastoralists battling the effects of the extended dry season.

Mr. Grylls said there was provision under the Land Administration Act 1997 for pastoralists to apply to the PLB for assistance in rent payment.

“Individual application for assistance to the PLB is manageable and efficient, ensuring applications are processed quickly.” the Minister said.

“I urge those who are suffering financial hardship as a result of the current dry season to make application to the PLB.”

“I have asked the Department of Regional Development and Lands to write to all pastoralists reminding them of the availability of rent relief.” Mr. Grylls said.


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