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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Mining Adam Brooks

Mine Approval Welcomed, But Milne’s Reaction Demonstrates Greens Cannot Be Appeased

Victor P Taffa

Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke’s approval of the Shree Minerals’ mine in Circular Head is a welcome decision, but the response of Greens’ Leader, Senator Christine Milne, confirms that the Greens will never be appeased, Shadow Minister for Mining Adam Brooks said.

“Already, and in spite of seemingly accepting that the 29 conditions on the mining approval are “strict”, Christine Milne has labelled the decision “appalling”.”

“Clearly, the Greens cannot be appeased, and Labor should abandon its plans to lock up even more of Tasmania in a destructive attempt to do so.” Mr. Brooks said.

“Locking up 400,000 hectares of the so-called Tarkine to appease the Greens would only serve to sell-out the people of this state, because it’s quite clear that the Greens will never stop protesting until the whole of Tasmania is locked up.”

“The Tasmanian Liberals remain committed to supporting the status quo in the so-called Tarkine. The existing network of reserves provides a sound balance between conservation, development and recreation. Not one more stick, not one more rock should be locked away.” Mr. Brooks said.


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