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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Mining Adam Brooks

Green Groups Trashing Tasmanian Economy

Victor P Taffa

Protests by Green front group, the Tarkine National Coalition, today at the site of Venture Minerals’ proposed mine is yet another example of the conservation movement’s dedication to trashing Tasmania’s economy, according to Shadow Minister for Mining Adam Brooks.

“These groups are shameless and will not be happy until the state’s economy has been damaged beyond repair.” Mr. Brooks said.

“Green front groups will never be satisfied, the goal posts will always be moved and while Labor continues to pander to the Greens, Tasmania’s mining and forest sector will be used as bargaining chips that the state cannot and should not be trading away.”

“The Liberals absolutely oppose the Labor-Green Government’s moves to lock up our resources in mining and forestry. We say enough is enough, and the Liberals will work to grow our mining and forest sector, not shut it down.” Mr. Brooks said.

A responsible political party that forms part of a Coalition Government should distance themselves from such irresponsible tactics that the Tarkine National Coalition employ. Greens Leader Nick McKim should know better than to associate himself with such a group.


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