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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Mining Adam Brooks

Labor Forestry Sell Out Encourages Green Action Against Mining

Victor P Taffa

The injunction against Shree Minerals iron ore mine proves what we have said all along and that is Green groups, having shut down forestry are now coming after mining, Shadow Minister for Mining Adam Brooks said.

“By rolling over on forestry Labor has emboldened the Greens to go after the next target, mining. This has been their plan all along.”

“Signatories to the forest deal must also come clean on if they funded court action by Save the Tarkine to stop the Shree iron ore mine.” Mr. Brooks said.

“The Australian Conservation Foundation and the Wilderness Society were both signatories to the forest deal, and they are also members of Save the Tarkine. It is clear that Forestry was only ever the starting point.”

“You can never appease Green groups who are driven to shut down job creating developments in their endless quest to turn Tasmania into one great big national park.” Mr. Brooks said.


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