Greens MP Backs The Liberals On Carbon Tax

Greens MP Backs The Liberals On Carbon Tax

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Energy Matthew Groom

Libs Welcome Booth Backing For Carbon Tax Hand Back

Victor P Taffa

I am pleased that Greens MP, Kim Booth, has backed the Liberals’ policy to remove the carbon tax on power bills for households and small businesses, Shadow Minister for Energy Matthew Groom said.

The Australian reports that Mr. Booth:

“…called for other electricity users to be offered “the same deal” from state-owned power generator Hydro Tasmania to ensure everyone benefited from its carbon-free power generation, not just big industry.”*

“That’s exactly what the Liberals have been calling on the Government to do for months. I hope that with Mr. Booth’s support for the Liberals’ policy we can convince the Government that households and small businesses should not have to pay a carbon tax on Hydro’s non-carbon producing power.”

“The carbon tax hand back is a key part of our Roadmap to Recovery and Growth. It would provide immediate power price relief for hundreds of thousands of households and thousands of small businesses. It would tackle the rising cost of living and stimulate the Tasmanian economy at the time when we need it the most.”

“While I welcome Mr. Booth’s support for this aspect of the Liberals’ energy policy it is disappointing that Mr. Booth still refuses to outline the rest of the Greens’ energy policy in response to the Expert Panel’s final report on the energy sector in Tasmania.”Mr. Groom said.