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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Energy Matthew Groom

Where’s The Greens’ Energy Policy?

Victor P Taffa

The Greens used to be very vocal on energy policy in Tasmania, yet since the Expert Panel handed down its final report into energy reform their silence has been deafening, according to Shadow Minister for Energy Matthew Groom.

“What is their response to the key energy issues identified by the Expert Panel and Labor’s policy?”

“It has been ten weeks since the Expert Panel’s final report was released. If the Greens refuse to support Labor’s energy policy, the Premier will have no option but to adopt our policy of carbon tax free power otherwise her policy is dead in the water.” Mr. Groom said.

“The Greens said that they needed to see the Expert Panel’s report before they could announce their policy. Their insistence that they now need more information just doesn’t stack up what further information could they possibly need in order to be able to level with the Tasmanian people and explain what their policy is?”

“They have had plenty of time to digest both the detailed findings of the Expert Panel as well as Labor’s response to it. In fact, Cassy O’Connor was even a member of the Cabinet sub-committee that developed Labor’s policy. The suggestion that they need yet more information is simply disingenuous.”

“It is clear the Greens are embarrassed by the fact the Expert Panel completely rejected a number of their previously stated positions, including for example their fervent opposition to Basslink. Perhaps they are just too embarrassed to come clean.” Mr. Groom said.

“In stark contrast the Liberals’ position is very clear. We continue to believe that introducing competition into the energy market is essential if Tasmania is to achieve the lowest possible power prices over the longer term.”

“We also believe that Tasmanians need further immediate power price relief which is why we have a policy of carbon tax free power for non-contestable households and small businesses. And we won’t support the sale or carve up of Hydro.”

“I am challenging the Greens to do the right thing and release their energy policy, so that all Tasmanians know where they stand.” Mr. Groom said.


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