Greens Economic Lunacy

Greens Economic Lunacy

Tasmania Deputy Opposition Leader Jeremy Rockliff

Tim’s Tragic Track Record On Economic Policy

Victor P Taffa

Tim Morris’* gaffe-prone history will come back to haunt him when he finally releases his economic policy shortly, Deputy Opposition Leader Jeremy Rockliff said.

“Over the years, Mr. Morris has given us some truly unforgettable policy thought bubbles and I’m looking forward to seeing which loony ideas Mr. Morris can convince the rest of the Greens to support.”

“While I’m spoilt for choice, here are some of Mr. Morris’ more memorable efforts (in no particular order).” Mr. Rockliff said.

Over the years, Mr. Morris has called for:

  • Expanding Land Tax to the family home and the family farm, financially crippling thousands of Tasmanians virtually overnight.
  • “De-industrialising” Tasmania. The Greens have already shown us the damage that “de-industrialising” Tasmania can do through the forestry industry shut down. Sadly, it looks like Bryan Green is taking advice from Tim Morris.
  • Creating a role for a ‘State Statistician’ who would be responsible for telling Tasmanians what they can and can’t say about statistics.
  • Scrapping vital tourism developments like the Three Capes Track and the Pumphouse Point Development.
  • Opposing turning the Midland Highway into a dual carriageway.

“Just today, Mr. Morris had another brain explosion and said that we should do away with power price concessions and, incredibly, that we should limit growth in our economy.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“Kim Booth is also worthy of a mention in this list too. After all, it was Mr. Booth who suggested that Tasmania’s economic future was for us all to become blueberry farmers.”

“It just goes to show that the anti-everything Greens have spent so long complaining they wouldn’t have a clue how to manage the economy. It would be a train wreck.”

“The Liberals on the other hand have a clear economic development plan. Our Roadmap to Recovery and Growth will create jobs, grow the economy and tackle the cost of living. Concepts that seem very foreign to Mr. Morris and the Greens.” Mr. Rockliff said.

*Tim Morris is a Greens’ Member of the Tasmanian Parliament.