Greenough Regional Prison To Receive Security Upgrade

Greenough Regional Prison To Receive Security Upgrade

Western Australia Minister for Corrective Services Francis Logan

$12.3 Million Fortification Of Greenough Regional Prison

Victor P Taffa

  • Female compound to be created
  • New pulse-energised perimeter fence with opaque screening for female compound
  • New separate workshop, educational programs and medical consulting space
  • Additional funding on top of extra security upgrades already complete or underway

Greenough Regional Prison will receive a much-needed security upgrade in this year’s State Budget.

McGowan Government is investing more than $12.3 Million to appropriately secure and screen a new female compound at the prison.

“This $12.3 million investment in Greenough Regional Prison will make a significant difference to the management and wellbeing of the female prisoners as well as to the staff.” Minister for Corrective Services Francis Logan said.

“This Government had to act urgently to address the legacy of overcrowding by building new prison units, but is now in a position to improve the security and good order of Western Australia’s regional prisons.”

Investment in the new compound also includes an enhanced CCTV system, an additional officer’s post, a separate workshop, medical consulting space, and educational programs, as well as re-orienting the female external recreation area away from the male units and oval.

A new 4.6 metre-high, pulse-energised perimeter fence will be built to provide the appropriate security between the new female compound and male sections of the prison. The new fence will also include an opaque screen.

Improved security for the female compound, and increased educational and recreational opportunities for the prison are expected to be complete by mid to late 2020.

There have also been other security upgrades to Greenough Regional Prison that are underway or complete, which include new razor wire, security grilles, new cell doors, additional fencing and egress points for staff.

More prison officers have also been hired, and a locally recruited and trained cohort of new prison officers is expected to start work at Greenough prison by the end of May.