Greater Flexibility For Artists Under Arts Program

Greater Flexibility For Artists Under Arts Program

Western Australia Minister for Culture and the Arts John Day

Western Australia Minister for Finance Sean L’Estrange

Arts Grants Shred Red Tape In Creative Makeover

Victor P Taffa

  • More flexibility for artists, arts workers and creative industry professionals
  • Digitisation streamlines applications, saving time and money

A revamped Liberal National Government arts grants program is giving artists more funding options and greater flexibility, while simultaneously helping cutting costs for applicants and taxpayers.

Culture and the Arts Minister John Day said recent arts funding reforms had reduced red tape and processing time.

“In March this year, the Department of Culture and the Arts revised its grants programs, focusing on project outcomes rather than art forms.” Mr. Day said.

“This has more than doubled the number of funding avenues available to artists and creative industry professionals.”

Now, regardless of their area of expertise, artists can simply apply under one of three categories:

  • Creative Development,
  • Commercial Development,
  • Community Engagement.

“Also, for the first time, grant applications under $15,000 are processed immediately, as opposed to previously having two closing dates per year which limited opportunities.” Mr. Day said.

Standardisation of programs and streamlining of internal procedures have halved applicant waiting times, from eight weeks to just four weeks.

“Applications are now processed as they are received, greatly reducing backlogs.” Mr. Day said.

“The quicker turnaround from submission to notification means greater efficiency in planning and resourcing for artists and arts organisations.”

Mr. Day said reforms had been supported by the digitisation of the grants application and assessment process through the Online Grants management system.

WA Minister for Finance Sean L'Estrange

WA Minister for Finance Sean L’Estrange








Finance Minister Sean L’Estrange applauded the new Online Grants system, a web-based application portal and customer relationship management database.

“This is a comprehensive resource for the preparation, management, submission, administration, assessment and acquittal of funding applications.” Mr. L’Estrange said.

“Smart use of technology like this helps cut red tape, saving artists, the community and businesses even more.”