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Queensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie

Government To End Sneaky Union Scheme

Victor P Taffa

A union scheme to strip its grassroots members of new powers granted to them by the Newman Government will soon end.

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Jarrod Bleijie said anti-avoidance amendments to legislation would be introduced in Parliament today, following the Together Union’s attempts to circumvent recent changes to Queensland’s industrial relations laws.

“Such a display of disdain for their members and flagrant flouting of the law must be stopped.” Mr. Bleijie said.

“We put these laws in place to give the hardworking, grassroots members a say on how their industrial organisations are run.”

“One of the changes included allowing members to vote on planned political campaigns costing $10,000 or more.”

“The Together Union has formed a separate company, consisting of just seven board members, which would control the purse strings and handle political campaigns without member input.”

“The Together Union’s heavies are obviously scared of relinquishing some power to members.” Mr. Bleijie said.

“Through our amendments, if an entity meets certain criteria with respect to its relationship with the industrial organisation, that entity (associated entity) is still required to ballot the members of the industrial organisation in order to authorise spending for political purposes.”

“These amendments will give power back to the union’s grassroots members, who deserve to have a say on how their membership fees are spent.”

“This week also marks the end of major public projects being held to ransom by militant unions.” Mr. Bleijie said.

“I am pleased to announce the appointment of Wayne Jenkinson as Director of Queensland’s new Building Construction Compliance Branch (BCCB).”

“As a former state director of Fair Work Building and Construction and Queensland State manager for the Australian Building and Construction Commission, Mr. Jenkinson’s qualifications are impeccable.”

“He and the BCCB will prevent delays and cost blowouts related to union standover tactics and unlawful industrial action by ensuring the law and workplace health safety practices are adhered to.”

“The building and construction industry is one of the four pillars of the Queensland economy, and it is vital we ensure industrial best practice so we can unlock activity, attract investment and create jobs.” Mr. Bleijie said.


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