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Western Australia Minister for Fisheries Norman Moore

National Resource Management Funds Help To Protect Fish Habitat Across State

Victor P Taffa

Fish and fish ecosystems in the Kimberley and South-West will be further protected as a result of Natural Resource Management (NRM) funding.

Fisheries Minister Norman Moore said three of the 51 NRM grants announced by Agriculture and Food; and Forestry Minister Terry Redman would contribute about $160,000 to initiatives designed to protect fish and their habitats.

“The single biggest grant, $110,000, will go to the Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research at Murdoch University and help protect one of WA’s endangered fish species – the freshwater sawfish.” Mr. Moore said.

“The freshwater sawfish of the Fitzroy River in the Kimberley is already the subject of strong conservation efforts.”



“However, this grant will enable tagging work to continue and also help State Government staff (Yiriman Rangers) and the local community to expand the project upstream and to record traditional language stories on sawfish.”

The Minister said the other grants of $34,459 and $18,700 would fund studies of fish species’ diversity and distribution in the Helena River and chart the impact of and continue elimination programs for feral fish in the Serpentine River.

“Improving our knowledge about native fish and ensuring we maximise our efforts to control and eliminate feral fish is extremely important work.” Mr. Moore said.

“For example, the Serpentine work will identify the impact of feral fish on native mussel and fish populations and will also develop a plan to prevent cattle access to the river, which can affect the health of the ecosystem by damaging riverbanks.”


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