Granite Island Causeway Horse-Drawn Tram Operations Temporarily Suspended

Granite Island Causeway Horse-Drawn Tram Operations Temporarily Suspended

South Australia Minister for Transport Stephan Knoll

Horse-Drawn Tram Operations On Granite Island Causeway Temporarily Suspended

Victor P Taffa

Horse-drawn tram operations on the Granite Island Causeway at Victor Harbor have been temporarily suspended due to safety precautions.

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) yesterday received preliminary findings of a condition assessment report of the causeway which identified deterioration of a small number of support piles.

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll said the decision was made to suspend horse-drawn tram operations as soon as the report was received.

“Safety of causeway users is the State Government’s first priority and the expert advice suggests that vehicle access including the horse-drawn tram be suspended pending further information.” Minister Knoll said.

“While the affected piles are not adjacent to each other, the potential consequence of a failure of these piles has not yet been determined. Further independent engineering assessments will be undertaken as a priority with works to start as soon as possible.”

“Pedestrian access will be permitted, apart from limited stoppages during assessment and repair works.” Minister Knoll said.

“Due to access constraints, vehicles will not be able to use the causeway while the works are undertaken, however DPTI and contractors are working with the café operating on Granite Island and Oceanic Victor to facilitate delivery of supplies.”

“State Government will work with the City of Victor Harbor as well as affected businesses and local residents to ensure safety and minimise the impact of the vehicle suspension.”

“A long-term solution will also be investigated.” Minister Knoll said.

Repairs to the piles that failed earlier this month will commence as early as Tuesday, 4 February and are expected to take 4 days.

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has also called a tender for design of refurbishment of the entire causeway.