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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding

Road Safety Group Fudging The Facts?

Victor P Taffa

The State Government must rule out blanket reductions on speed limits across the state as a quick fix for the deaths on our roads, and outline precisely which major roads would be included in a rural speed limit reduction plan, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding said today.

“The new Road Safety Advisory Council is currently holding a series of forums around Tasmania, a number of participants of which have contacted the Tasmanian Liberals to complain that it was not made clear whether the proposal to reduce 100 km/h speed limits to 90 km/h was just for Country Roads rather than including major Highways in the State such as the Tasman Highway, the Lyell Highway and sections of the Bass Highway.” Mr. Hidding said.

“Due to 12 years of Labor’s inaction on the State’s Road Network, the state of Tasmania’s crumbling infrastructure could mean that the Labor-Green Government will take the lazy approach and simply drop speed limits state-wide.”

“The Tasmanian Liberals continue our call for tougher curbs from the Government against drivers who continue to break the law including the introduction of double demerit points on public holidays, a more stringent vehicle confiscations scheme and a much more visible Police presence on the roads.” Mr. Hidding said.

“While the Labor-Green Government continues to back flip and renege on its own election commitments for the state’s roads, we have seen an increase in irresponsible driving and an unacceptable fatality rate.”

“This Labor-Green Government needs to be addressing the problem from a grass roots level. They need to be providing quality education from a young age, and investing in the quality of our roads.”

“Infrastructure Minister David O’Byrne must come clean and reveal exactly which roads are proposed to have their Speed Limit reduced.” Mr. Hidding said.


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