Government Spending To Result In Higher Taxes

Government Spending To Result In Higher Taxes

Tasmania Shadow Treasurer Peter Gutwein

Giddings Confirms Tax Hikes On The Cards

Victor P Taffa

Tasmanians should be very concerned by comments reported today from Lara Giddings. The Premier and Treasurer are quoted as saying that raising taxes is “in the tool box.”

“On the 27th of January, the Tasmanian Liberals questioned whether the Labor-Green Government would raise taxes to cope with the budget problems they have created; questions that were met with deafening silence.” Shadow Treasurer Peter Gutwein said today.

“It appears we now know why.”



“Tasmanians are already dealing with a cost of living crisis and if the Labor-Green Government puts taxes up it will hurt our economy, destroy jobs and send businesses and families to the wall.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“One of the reasons why Lara Giddings is considering tax hikes is because over the past few years the budget has been out of control.”

“Over the past few years, the Government has spent nearly $800 Million more than it budgeted. If Labor and the Greens actually knew how to stick to a budget we may not be in this mess now.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“It’s clear that Lara Giddings is now considering taxing Tasmanians more to make up for her poor financial management record.” Mr. Gutwein said.