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Hunter Valley Residents Demands Answers On Tillegra Dam

Victor P Taffa

The Keneally Government must come clean on the need to build the Tillegra Dam. The same level of excuses was trotted out for the Desalination Plant in Sydney.

Coffs Harbour residents suffered five floods in 2009 and yet in an area bigger than Sydney Harbour the residents of the Hunter Region are having an expensive Dam foisted upon them.

How absolutely essential is the Tillegra Dam for future water needs? Will the Tillegra Dam stop Coffs Harbour from flooding again?

What action is the New South Wales Government to breathe life into the ailing Murray River?




The Government has gone ‘Mum’ on the Tillegra Dam and yet Water Bills are being ‘Jacked Up’ as we speak.

According to Charmaine Crowe Policy Coordinator of the CPSA “Pensioners and other low-income households in the Hunter are furious that they’re paying for the construction of the Tillegra Dam that hasn’t even been approved.”

“The cost of the Tillegra Dam is already being retrieved through water bills, which will increase bills by 40% over three years.”

“Even with the pensioner water rebate, pensioners using 200 KL a year will pay over $800 per year for water in 2012/13 almost double the average 2008/09 bill of $489.”

“Part of the massive price rises are because of the huge cost of the Tillegra Dam, currently running at $477 Million.” CPSA Policy Coordinator Charmaine Crowe said.

Premier Keneally should either rule the Tillegra Dam in or out NOW or give the residents’ of the Hunter some piece of mind and certainty.

Furthermore the Water Rate Hikes must STOP NOW if the Tillegra Dam is to be canned.


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