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South Australia Shadow Attorney-General Stephen Wade

Labor Terrified By Independent Scrutiny

Victor P Taffa

Shadow Attorney-General Stephen Wade today said that reports of legal threats against the Ombudsman smack of interference aimed at putting the Ombudsman on a short leash.

Less than two weeks ago the Ombudsman issued a damning report on the treatment of prisoners under Labor.

“Rather than fixing the problems in prisons caused by 10 years of Labor mismanagement, Labor seems to be focussing on muzzling the messengers.” Shadow Attorney-General Stephen Wade said.

“The public is sick and tired of months of Labor’s ducking and weaving on the Jackie Davies case.” Mr. Wade said.

In yet another desperate attempt to hide from scrutiny, Labor is fighting moves in the Parliament to ensure an independent appointment process for the ICAC Commissioner.

“Labor’s finely woven media spin is starting to unravel and Labor is panicking that the truth about its mismanagement will be naked for all to see.” Mr. Wade said.


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