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Tasmania Shadow Treasurer Peter Gutwein

One In Ten Houses In Scottsdale For Sale As Government Sits Back

Victor P Taffa

Reports that one in ten houses in Scottsdale is for sale is a damning indictment on a Government that is failing to deliver to the North-East, Shadow Treasurer Peter Gutwein said today.

“While in Scottsdale yesterday, I spoke with local resident about the fact that one in ten properties is on the market and that sales are very slow with many properties now being advertised at reduced prices.”

“As Dorset Mayor Barry Jarvis has already said, some 60 families have left the North-East as a result of job losses in the forestry sector with more to come when the Gunns Mill closes shortly. The Government must provide a better response than its stated position of waiting for the State Budget to be brought down.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“The Region is facing the twin challenges of the loss of the last main sawmill and also the slowdown in the forestry sector as a result of the disastrous Statement of Principles process which is causing uncertainty, a downturn in investment and job losses.”

“The North-East Working Group highlighted the loss of workers and families from the district last year as one of the main challenges that needed to be addressed.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“This is why the proposal was put forward for the funding of up to $1.5 Million for short-term shovel ready job creation projects last year.”

“The fact that Cabinet has not even considered these short-term projects is confirmation that the creation of the working group and the appointment of Brian Wightman as Chairman was more about managing the short-term politics of the situation rather than addressing the real challenges.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“While the budget black-hole created by the financial mismanagement of Labor and the Greens is now costing Police and Teachers jobs in the wider community, the budget problem must not be used as the excuse to allow this region to be hung out to dry.”

“The North-East is on the verge of a serious financial crisis, which will only escalate if more people opt to leave the area, putting pressure on schools, hospital services and the retail sector.” Mr. Gutwein said.


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