Government In Crisis Over Adelaide Oval

Government In Crisis Over Adelaide Oval

South Australia Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans

Labor: They Can’t Even Agree If They Have A Signed Agreement

Victor P Taffa

It’s Another Embarrassing Day for Treasurer Kevin Foley.

Having had the Adelaide Oval Upgrade Project taken off him and given to Minister Patrick Conlon because the Treasurer’s handling of the Project was embarrassing the Government, the Treasurer has again embarrassed the Government over Adelaide Oval.

“It’s a simple question does the State Government have a signed agreement with the Federal Government about funding for the Adelaide Oval?” Mr. Evans asked.

Treasurer Foley told Parliament:

“We have a signed agreement with the Commonwealth for a figure that I cannot reveal at this stage but well in excess of $100 Million.” (Hansard, 25/05/2010)


When the Minister responsible for Adelaide Oval Minister Conlon was asked to confirm the agreement he said:

“I’m not aware of any Signed Agreement.” (891ABC, 02/12/2010)

Federal Minister Penny Wong didn’t help Treasurer Foley either when she refused to confirm an agreement exists as claimed by the Treasurer.

Minister Wong seemed to indicate that a written agreement does not exist when she said:

“You wouldn’t give a Budgeted Commitment on something you haven’t secured yet.” (891ABC, 02/12/2010)

“This is at odds with the State Government who has budgeted over $535 Million for the Adelaide Oval upgrade even though Football have not yet committed.” Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans said.

“Three Labor Ministers can’t agree do we have an agreement or not?” Mr. Evans asked.