Government Finally Acts On Flood Relief

Government Finally Acts On Flood Relief

Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Belated Flood Assistance Welcome

Victor P Taffa

Today’s back flip by the Labor-Green Government on providing assistance to Tasmanians affected by flooding is welcome according to Opposition Leader Will Hodgman.

“Many Tasmanians have been hard hit by these floods and the opportunity to access this Government assistance is a positive development.”

“It’s unfortunate it has taken two weeks of constant pressure for this to happen.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“Premier Giddings spent the first week after the floods arguing why people shouldn’t get Government assistance.”


“The next test for the Government will be whether they can administer the support package effectively. Their track record is pretty ordinary, the current mess with Forest Contractors sadly a classic case in Point.” Mr. Hodgman said.