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Victoria Shadow Minister for Education Martin Dixon

Coalition Announces $2 Million For Eaglehawk Primary School

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition today announced $2 Million to ensure the future of Eaglehawk Primary School, as well as a commitment to find a suitable site for an Eaglehawk Childcare Centre, Shadow Minister for Education Martin Dixon said today.

Last month the Coalition guaranteed the future of Eaglehawk Primary by ensuring the school had its own Principal and School Council.

Today the Coalition has announced $2 Million to ensure that Eaglehawk Primary School has the necessary investment in upgrading of school facilities to restore enrolment, securing the future and longevity of the school for the community.




“The Eaglehawk community now has a guaranteed assurance that Eaglehawk Primary School will remain open, with the Coalition’s announcement of $2 Million in funding.” Mr. Dixon said.

“The Coalition has listened to the community and that is why today, we are also announcing that we will investigate site options for an Eaglehawk childcare centre, creating certainty for parents with young children.” Mr. Dixon said.

“This is a win for the community against a Labor Government that has closed or merged more than 185 schools, many against the wishes of the community.” Liberal candidate for Bendigo East Michael Langdon said.

Last month Jacinta Allan, who has always backed the merger of Eaglehawk Primary School, made an embarrassing backdown and announced a second-best option for the school.


Michael Langdon Liberal Candidate for Bendigo East

Michael Langdon Liberal Candidate for Bendigo East









“Clearly Jacinta Allan has lost faith in her own Labor Government’s ability to do what is right for the community when it comes to Education.” Mr. Dixon said.

“In a cynical attempt to be seen to be acting, Jacinta Allan created the false impression that she was defying the Education Minister’s own policy of School Closures and Mergers.”

“In fact, Jacinta Allan has sat on the fence and has not taken up the fight with the Minister to ensure Eaglehawk Primary School has its own principal and school council.”

“Jacinta Allan has attempted to hoodwink the Eaglehawk community with spin and, once again, no actual substance from the Brumby Government, and she has always pushed for the merger of Eaglehawk and has ignored the community’s concerns.” Mr. Dixon said.

“Only after the Coalition announced its policy to save the school, a policy that was resoundingly supported by parents and the community, were the Brumby Government and Jacinta Allan forced into an embarrassing backdown.” Mr. Langdon said.

“The Eaglehawk community wanted their Primary School to remain independent, and only the Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition has delivered.” Mr. Langdon said.


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