Government Failing To Connect Gas For Tasmanians

Government Failing To Connect Gas For Tasmanians

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Alternative Energy Matthew Groom

Slump In Gas Connections Hurting Tasmanians

Victor P Taffa

A report released by the Economic Regulator today showing an 11% decrease in the take up of Residential Gas Connections in Tasmania is extremely concerning for a state that has been hit hard by massive Power Price Increases.

“The fact that less than a Quarter of those homes with Gas Pipes laid to their door have actually connected shows that the Government is clearly not doing enough to help Tasmanians reduce their power bills.” Shadow Minister for Alternative Energy Matthew Groom said today.

“Natural Gas has the potential to deliver savings of between 30 and 50 % against the typical household power bill. That is a saving of about $800 a year for the average home in Tasmania.”


“The Government is continuing to deny tens of thousands of Tasmanian households and businesses with even the option of connecting to Gas because of its now abandoned Gas infrastructure roll out, which reached less than the half the homes originally promised. This is simply not acceptable.” Mr. Groom said.

“Minister for Alternative Energy, Nick McKim continues to harp on about the importance of better utilising alternative energy sources in Tasmania, yet, since taking up the role as Minister nine months ago, he has failed to show the decisive leadership needed to improve the alternative energy options available to Tasmanians.”

“Tasmanians are continuing to be hit hard by skyrocketing power prices, and with reports today that 39 % of all power disconnections in 2009-10 were concession customers it is time that this Government started to focus on looking after Tasmanians that clearly need help.” Mr. Groom said.

“Mr. McKim can sit back and preach about the importance of alternative energy in Tasmania all he likes, but the fact remains, he has failed to deliver, and as a result, thousands of Tasmanians are worse off.”

“This Government needs to do more to push the benefits of Natural Gas in Tasmania, both economically and environmentally, and ensure that residents that want Gas can be connected.” Mr. Groom said.