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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Fisheries Rene Hidding

Where Is Green On Seismic Testing?

Victor P Taffa

Reports that something other than environmental conditions killed $70 Million worth of Bass Strain scallops highlights Fisheries Minister Bryan Green’s lack of commitment to the industry, Shadow Minister for Fisheries Rene Hidding said.

“Claims by the Minister late last year that “people are making assumptions that seismic testing has had an effect” are further evidence of the Minister’s blatant disregard for the state’s fishing industries.”

“Members of the state’s scallop industry have previously expressed concerns about the impact of seismic testing on scallop beds, only to have their fears quashed by a minister who failed to acknowledge that there was an issue.” Mr. Hidding said.

“Bryan Green has to open his eyes and step into the real world here. This is the livelihood of everyday Tasmanians. These are vital, iconic industries that Tasmanians value, that the fishing industry values and the struggling Tasmanian economy needs.”

“Mr. Green said previously that he was waiting to see the science before acting. Well Minister, the science is in. What are you going to do about it?” Mr. Hidding asked.


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