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Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Premier Announces New State Emblem – And It’s GOLD!

Victor P Taffa

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu announced today that the Parliament would be asked to adopt gold as the Mineral Emblem of the State of Victoria.

Premier Baillieu told the Parliament that special motions would be moved at the regional sittings of Parliament when the Legislative Assembly sits in Ballarat and the Legislative Council sits in Bendigo on 6 September.

“Gold has played a central role in the history of the development of our great State, and I can think of few places more appropriate than the cities of Ballarat and Bendigo to formalise this fact.” Premier Baillieu said.

“Both of these important regional cities have a golden thread running through their history and heritage.”

“Indeed, the world’s largest alluvial gold nugget was found in 1869 near Moliagul, then a thriving gold town west of Bendigo and north of Ballarat.”

“Appropriately, that nugget which after more than 140 years is still the largest discovered was named Welcome Stranger.”

“This reminds us that, from our earliest times, Victorians have been welcoming. Whether the original Indigenous people, or those who came later, we have always welcomed newcomers.”

“It is this rich history, illustrated by gold, which has built our State. I am sure this will be met with bipartisan support.” Premier Baillieu said.

“Once the Parliament has approved the adoption of our new State Mineral Emblem, a recommendation will be made to the Governor to formally declare it.” Premier Baillieu said.

Victoria was the first State to adopt a floral emblem, the Pink Heath, in 1958. In 1971 a land faunal emblem, Leadbeater’s Possum, and a bird emblem, the Helmeted Honeyeater, were adopted.

In 2002 a marine faunal emblem, the Weedy Seadragon, was added.


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