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Queensland Minister for State Development Jeff Seeney

Gladstone Region To Reap The Benefits Of LNG

Victor P Taffa

People living and working in the Gladstone area will be beneficiaries of a plan committing to significant social and community benefits for the region.

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney visited Gladstone today to announce Queensland’s first Social Impact Management Plan, which has been approved for the Queensland Curtis Liquefied Natural Gas (QCLNG) facility.

“As part of project approval requirements, the Coordinator-General requires QCLNG to manage the impacts of the facility and also ensure local communities have a chance to share in project benefits.” Mr. Seeney said.

“The plan encompasses areas including housing, employment, training, health and community services.”

“This is a comprehensive road map of commitments that covers the entire life cycle of the facility with local residents and businesses emerging as clear winners.”

Mr. Seeney said highlights of the plan included $3 Million towards the upgrade of Gladstone Hospital, a $2 Million rural health initiative for the Western Downs, $14.1 Million for affordable housing, $56 Million for worker housing across the Gladstone and Surat regions, an $8 Million community development fund and support for local employment and training.

“QCLNG has also worked with the government to develop a local industry participation plan that has so far generated $2.8 Billion worth of contracts for Australian businesses, of which contracts worth $1.8 Billion have been awarded to Queensland companies.” Mr. Seeney said.

Mr. Seeney described the agreement as the culmination of extensive groundwork started before the project was approved.

“QCLNG has already started meeting its commitments, with today’s agreement formalising the local benefits for years to come.” Mr. Seeney said.

“Queensland’s LNG industry is on the cusp of a boom that will fundamentally reshape our economy. How we manage that boom, and the environmental, social and economic impacts, will be crucial for generations to come.”

The QCLNG Social Impact Management Plan is the first of the three such plans under consideration for the industry. The government is continuing to work collaboratively with Gladstone LNG and Australia Pacific LNG to finalise the assessment of plans for their projects.


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