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Victoria Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith

Government Gives Charities A Helping Hand In Dealing With Illegal Dumping

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Coalition Government will assist charities reduce the incidence of illegal dumping at charity bin collection sites over the Melbourne Cup weekend.

Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith said the Coalition would mobilise the Environment Protection Authority Victoria to patrol a number of well-known charity hotspots over the Melbourne Cup weekend, including Salvos Stores in Abbotsford, Camberwell, Niddrie and Noble Park, to deter illegal dumpers.

“The Coalition has assured that the EPA will have an increased presence at these locations, with patrolling vehicles out and about and Authorised Officers on duty, reminding Victorians not to dump unwanted goods illegally.” Mr. Smith said.

“This is about creating awareness and educating the community about the correct way to dispose of unwanted goods.”

National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations (NACRO) spokesman Donald Munro said NACRO members value the generosity of the donating public however the charity bins are increasingly being seen as soft targets for dumping unwanted household waste.

Mr. Smith said he urged the public to donate responsibly that meant providing good quality items during opening hours.

“To highlight the problem and raise community awareness, the EPA will use a range of enforcement powers from issuing warnings, to fining people for dumping rubbish.” Mr. Smith said.

“So our message to anyone ‘spring cleaning’ over the Melbourne Cup weekend is to choose the right way to get rid of unwanted goods.” Mr. Smith said.

The Coalition Government is committed to boosting recycling and waste recovery initiatives across Victoria including; $3 Million Driving New Investment in Recycling Grants to assist industry implement new forms of recycling that will reduce the amount of waste headed to landfill, $1.4 Million to help reduce the amount of litter in public places around Victoria, the new 24-hour EPA pollution hotline for public reporting of illegal dumping, and funding the television recycling scheme in regional Victoria.


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