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Victoria Minister for Small Business Adem Somyurek

Goat Soap And Melbourne Gin The Tonic For India

Victor P Taffa

India’s discerning drinkers and beauty devotees will now be able to enjoy some of Victoria’s finest products thanks to the Andrews Government’s support in establishing strong trade with India.

Minister for Small Business Adem Somyurek attended the launch of the Melbourne Gin Company’s signature range of gins in Bengaluru yesterday after it signed an agreement with Bengaluru-based Savannaah Hotels and Resorts.

“This deal is a significant win for Victorian businesses, Goat and the Melbourne Gin Company, as it will enable them to sell into one of the largest markets in the world.” Minister for Small Business Adem Somyurek said.

Deal gives Savannaah Hotels and Resorts exclusive rights to distribute Melbourne Gin Company’s products at its Chancery brand hotel bars and through local liquor stores.

“With offices in Bengaluru and Mumbai and 20 other major cities around the world, Global Victoria is opening doors and laying the groundwork for a new generation of Victorian export success stories.” Minister for Jobs Innovation and Trade Martin Pakula said.

Indian alcoholic drinks market is worth around $71 Billion a year and the country are the world’s third largest market for gin at $2.5 Billion, after the United Kingdom and the United States.

“India is a market with great potential for us. The connection made with Savannaah Hotels and Resorts at Global Victoria’s Craft Beer and Craft Spirits event in May was key to making this all happen.” Melbourne Gin Company founder Andrew Marks said.

Melbourne Gin Club forged its links with India with the aid of Global Victoria, as did Melbourne-based beauty brand Goat Soap which has launched its skincare range in Bengaluru after signing an agreement with India’s biggest beauty retailer Health and Glow.

Goat Soap was founded in 2011 by Melbourne-based pharmacist Danielle Di Pilla, who has harnessed e-commerce sites such as Alibaba to boost international sales and will now be stocked in 160 stores across India.

“Global Victoria was instrumental in making the introduction to Health and Glow India. We are thrilled this has resulted in the Goat range now being stocked through their stores in India.” Goat Soap Australia founder Danielle Di Pilla said.

Victoria exported $539 Million worth of goods and services to India in 2018, led by international education, tourism and food and fibre products.

By connecting local businesses with lucrative international markets, the Andrews Government is helping to expand the state’s economy and build on the near-500,000 jobs created in Victoria since the Government was elected in 2014.






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