Gillard’s $250 Per Year Electricity Savings Will Go Nowhere

Gillard’s $250 Per Year Electricity Savings Will Go Nowhere

Queensland Minister for Energy Mark McArdle

Prime Minister Must Cost Her Proposed Electricity Savings

Victor P Taffa

Proposed savings of $250 per year off electricity bills, released today by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, are uncosted, and the Prime Minister must release full details as to how and when the savings will occur.

Queensland Energy Minister Mark McArdle said Queensland just released an interim expert committee report which identified long term reforms that need to be put in place to realise any savings for customers.

“However, the Queensland Government is carefully scrutinising these recommendations to make sure the costings are correct.” Mr. McArdle said.

“The Prime Minister’s proposal has none of this rigor.”

Mr. McArdle said Queensland would not move down the road of deregulation as it would add hundreds of dollars to electricity bills in regional Queensland.

“The use of smart metres will cost up to $1 Billion to roll out across the state, a cost we will not impose on Queenslanders.” Mr. McArdle said.

“What I am concerned about is the Prime Minister stacking the consumer panel with environmental and green groups, who will diminish any savings by insisting on more expensive renewable energy policies.”

“A small expansion in the Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme would see the $250 disappear in the blink of an eye.”

Mr. McArdle said only two weeks ago State and Federal Energy Ministers met in Melbourne and the figure of $250 was not discussed.

“Regardless, today’s proposed $250 saving is a dishonest grab for a headline that is not backed up by any details. It should be judged accordingly.” Mr. McArdle said.

“Queensland remains committed to continuing to own its power entities unless Queenslanders tell us we can sell them.”