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South Australia Shadow Minister for Manufacturing Industry and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith

Gillard’s Auto Summit Excludes SA

Victor P Taffa

Prime Minister Gillard’s ‘summit’ with the automotive industry in Victoria today has excluded SA’s Premier and the State Liberal Leader.

“If Federal Labor was serious, it would be bipartisan and inclusive in its dealings with the automotive industry.” Shadow Minister for Manufacturing, Industry and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith said.

“SA Liberal Leader Steven Marshall was not invited to attend and apparently neither was Premier Weatherill or his representative. SA has been left in the cold once again.”

“It is a total contrast with Kevin Rudd’s approach when he included Premiers and Opposition Leaders from each state in his 2020 Summit.”


“Unlike Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister Gillard prefers to go it alone meeting privately with Toyota, General Motors and Ford senior management.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.

“It is an approach to the automotive industry shared by Premier Weatherill hardly a champion of bipartisanship.”

“According to Industry Minister Combet the summit is aiming to identify ‘key pressures’ and to ‘discuss what the public policy settings should and may not be’. That’s hardly inspiring confidence that Labor has any plan at all for the future.”

“Labor is playing politics with the automotive industry instead of looking for solutions.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.

“The SA Liberals have committed to the establishment of a bipartisan Automotive Industry Taskforce to secure the future of Holden in SA.”

“All stakeholders will be disappointed that Federal and State Labor appear to be blundering ahead without consulting the alternative governments, state and federal, so as to achieve a bipartisan approach.”

“Up to 16,000 jobs and billions of dollars’ worth of investment are at stake if Holden is forced to follow Ford out the door.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.


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