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Western Australia Minister for Community Services Robyn McSweeney

State Government Funding Keeps Childcare Doors Open

Victor P Taffa

The State Government has injected a further $164,820 funding to 28 Neighbourhood Model occasional childcare centres adversely affected by the Federal Government’s 2010-11 Budget.

Community Services Minister Robyn McSweeney said the Federal Government decision ceased funding to the 28 centres from July 1 but today’s decision by the Liberal-National Government will keep them open until December 31.

Childcare centres in East Perth, Coolbellup, Success and Wundowie, originally funded by the State to stay open until the end of September, would have a further extension to the end of the calendar year.

“I have responded quickly to ensure all affected centres remain open following this shock decision by the Federal Government to stop its funding.” Mrs. McSweeney said.



“We initially committed to meeting the full cost of funding until the end of September, and are now pleased to announce we will extend this commitment to December 31.” Mrs. McSweeney said.

“This extension will allow the Department for Communities to further explore alternative sources of funding for these services and importantly support families with their childcare needs.”

Since the funding cut decision was announced by the Federal Government, the department has been working with federal counterparts to find alternative sources of funding from the Federal Government.

“These affected service providers and the families that rely on them deserve some surety their doors will remain open and for that reason the State Government will cover 100 per cent of their funding to the end of 2010.” the Minister said.

The State Government will be monitoring this situation closely and Mrs. McSweeney said she was determined to see that no West Australian families were disadvantaged as a result of the cessation of funding from the Federal Government.


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