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Northern Territory Minister for Alcohol Rehabilitation and Policy David Tollner

Macklin A Hypocrite

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Alcohol Rehabilitation and Policy David Tollner says Federal Minister Jenny Macklin’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

“While berating the Northern Territory for its handling of Alcohol Policy, Minister Macklin has previously approved the purchase of three liquor licences in Alice Springs.” Mr. Tollner said.

“The three outlets Northside, Eastside and Flynn Drive IGAs were all purchased with a grant of $6,437,200 from the Aboriginal Benefits Account by the Lhere Artepe, the local native title owners.”

“These three liquor licences are still in operation in Alice Springs and provide alcohol to Indigenous people. When they were purchased Minister Macklin knew that these Liquor outlets would be supplying alcohol to the local Indigenous people yet she still authorised the grant.”

“She has a real hide to now come out slagging off the Northern Territory when she herself has been a part of purchasing liquor licences in that town.” Mr. Tollner said.

“The damage being done by alcohol is obvious but alcohol abuse is just a symptom of a much deeper problem and it are wrong to solely blame the liquor industry.”

“Alcohol is something that people turn to; similar to illicit drugs and petrol sniffing, when they are feeling hopeless and have no meaning in their lives.” Mr. Tollner said.

“What our Government is about is providing balance and hope. This includes addressing alcohol abuse, providing pathways to education and employment and growing private enterprise in remote areas demonstrating that life is not just about government cheques in the mail.”

“When people have purpose in their lives they will not rely on alcohol to drown out their appalling situation. Jenny Macklin needs to get on board and assist us in dealing with these difficult issues rather than taking pot shots at some of the most highly regulated pubs in the world.” Mr. Tollner said.

The problem for the Northern Territory is the conflict of interest that the Commonwealth Government has with The Northern Territory.

If The Northern Territory were a State in its own right like the other 6 existing states the Commonwealth could not then meddle in the everyday affairs of The Northern Territory.


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