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Northern Territory Minister for Transport Adam Giles

Labor’s Christmas Present Was To Put Darwin Flights At Risk

Victor P Taffa

Transport Minister Adam Giles today condemned the former Labor Government for its environmental record which put the operations of Darwin Airport at risk leading into Christmas.

Mr. Giles, in Parliament, said the Labor Government sat on its hands for six years while not addressing how to properly dispose of quarantine waste from airlines, which is an operational requirement of all Australian international airports.

The Quarantine Waste Incinerator was commissioned as a temporary facility for a two-year period in 2006.

“Despite the incinerator repeatedly breaching environmental guidelines with the emissions putting toxic dioxins in the air, the former Labor Government did nothing.” Mr. Giles said.

“In contrast, since assuming office, I did in six weeks what Labor incompetence could not achieve in six years and immediately ordered the incinerator to close.”

Mr. Giles said all quarantine waste is being temporarily stored while a permanent arrangement to remove the waste is finalised with the private sector.

“Without an environmentally approved quarantine waste handling procedure, visits by international aeroplanes and ships are put in jeopardy.” Mr. Giles said.

“Who would know what the previous government was thinking on this important issue.”

“This significant environmental breach had the potential to cancel flights and destroy Territorians Christmas holiday plans.”

“The breach was only unearthed because the Territory Government undid the shackles on the Environment Protection Agency and allowed them independence in decision-making.” Mr. Giles said.

“What we do know is this whole sorry saga points to the rotten core of the Labor Government. While they publically spruiked their so-called open and accountable environmental credentials, the reality was the opposite.”

“Labor’s environmental monitoring and protection agency was effectively a toothless tiger.”

“There will be no more hiding or burying of inconvenient facts with the Country Liberals Government.” Mr. Giles said.


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