Giles Govt To Provide $2 Million For NGO Sector

Giles Govt To Provide $2 Million For NGO Sector

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles

Country Liberals Support NGO Sector

Victor P Taffa

A re-elected Country Liberals Government will provide $2 Million a year to assist not-for-profit and non-government organisations with their governance and business practices.

Chief Minister Adam Giles announced the news at his biannual roundtable with NGO’s (Non-governmental organization) in Alice Springs.

Chief Minister Giles said the funding will go towards the Start.Run.Grow program in the Department of Business.

$1 Million will be added to the Department of Business to provide dedicated support to NGO’s and non-for profit organisations through the Department’s Start.Run.Grow suite of programs, particularly its Business Growth program.

$1 Million for financial support will also be provided to employ business development officers at NTCOSS (Northern Territory Council of Social Service) and other NGO’s that require assistance.

“The not-for-profit sector is a critical and important part of the broader Northern Territory economy, employing significant numbers of Territorians and providing valuable services to the community.” Chief Minister Giles said.

“A strong, thriving and sustainable not-for-profit sector is vital.”

“The Country Liberals recognise that developing business, management and governance skills in the sector is an investment in success.”

The program enables eligible organisations to receive one-on-one advice, attend workshops and upskilling, and to receive financial assistance to engage dedicated experts to deliver improvement strategies within their enterprises.

“The Department of Business has been positively overwhelmed by the response from the sector.” Chief Minister Giles said.

“Demand has far exceeded the Department’s Budget allocation.”

“The need is only going to increase over time, particularly as initiatives such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Remote Housing Development Authority gets under way.” Chief Minister Giles said.

The Alice Springs roundtable was one of the Chief Minister’s regular meetings with leaders of peak non-government organisations in Central Australia to discuss social and community issues.

Chief Minister Giles instigated the biannual meetings to enable direct communication and improve outcomes for people in need.

Chief Minister said the high-level meetings support the sharing of important information and enable a frank exchange of views.


The Northern Territory Election will be held on Saturday 27 August 2016 and is to be the last Northern Territory Election that will be held before the proclamation of Statehood on 1 July 2018 as Australia’s 7th duly constituted State within existing boundaries.

The new state is likely to be called the State of North Australia.

Upon the proclamation of Statehood the current Northern Territory Parliament and Legislative Assembly will be dissolved and Proclaimed as a State Parliament.

On  1 January 1901, the Commonwealth of Australia was formed as a Federation of States. The New South Wales Legislative Assembly was dissolved on 11 June 1901 with an election held on 3 July 1901.

Proclamation of Statehood will be a very exciting and historic time for the new State.